MIRACL secures the people, apps and things needed to run a digital business.


MIRACL Trust® Authentication

MIRACL Trust® ZFA is a simple, secure way for any user to log into a mobile or web application through “strong authentication” or two-factor authentication.

MIRACL Trust® is a cloud-based service that provides secure, Zero-Factor Authentication to employees, partners, and external users without sending authentication credentials across the web for storage in the cloud. Which means it can’t be compromised...


Why Does Your Business Still Have This Cyber Security Risk?

In today's online world of increasing digital crime, internet fraud and database breaches, businesses are left with the growing worry about protecting their online commerce and customers.

For years, industry experts have warned that passwords do not provide strong enough security as a sole line of defense against the ever escalating cyber security threats...


PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication

The European Banking Authority has included a mandate for “strong customer authentication” in its PSD2 requirements to improve the customer experience across the personal finance sector.

MIRACL can provide Strong Customer Authentication for web and mobile banking applications without sending, storing, or synchronizing any security-related information in whole form. Ever...

We eliminate the need for outdated security in your infrastructure, including passwords, root keys and stored credentials.

We enable billions of digital transactions to be unleashed while ensuring the integrity of every person, device, or component on tomorrow's web.

Global Technology leaders distributing MIRACL’s identity integrity as a service platform:

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Zero-Factor authentication (ZFA) means that a user proves knowledge and possession without exchanging or sending any credentials with a server database (unlike passwords and current two-factor authentication).


A Simple PIN Beats Any Password

  • No complicated passwords to remember
  • No password database breach possible
  • No credentials sent across web
  • No credentials stored in cloud
  • No hardware tokens or SMS messages

MIRACL Trust® Zero-factor Authentication meets 2017 EU banking requirements for 2FA (PS2D ruling). Our MFA completely eliminates risk of password database breach and provides stronger security than any competitive 2FA software or hardware solution.

We improve the user login experience with an easy 4-digit pin which replaces passwords for all apps as well as being extendable to all types of Identity Factors (biometrics, location, etc.).

Business Benefits

  • Stronger: Eliminates largest security threat: password database
  • Affordable: Secures all users : employees, customers, contractors
  • Easy to use: Simple to activate and manage at Internet scale

Simple and Seamless

Easy on-boarding through fast workflows / 24x7 Support

Super security

Authentication credentials are never stored or sent

Works Well with Others

Implement into any iOS or Android client app easily

“Protecting the person online and giving them a good user experience of the services they are using is a key goal for us as a business. MIRACL is a pioneering company that helps us achieve that”.

Nick Mothershaw, UK&I Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian.


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Project Available: Milagro

Apache Milagro (incubating) is an open source, pairing-based cryptographic platform that delivers solutions for device and end user authentication, secure communications and fintech / blockchain security; issues challenging Cloud Providers and their customers. It does this without the need for certificate authorities, putting into place a new category of service providers called Distributed Trust Authorities (D-TA®).

Apache Software Foundation

MIRACL proudly contributes to these open source initiatives:

Hyperledger Project
Fido Alliance


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‘SOK it to the IoT’, Lightweight Cryptography Workshop NIST 2016

‘SOK it to the IoT’,
Lightweight Cryptography Workshop NIST 2016

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