Zero Knowledge Makes Business Better.

MIRACL Trust® delivers immediate value to any digital business by securing its enterprise and external users with a zero-knowledge proof.

Zero knowledge with MIRACL multi-factor authentication


MIRACL Trust® Authentication with Zero Knowledge

MIRACL Trust® is a cloud-based service that provides secure, multi-factor authentication to external users, employees and partners without sending authentication credentials across the web for storage in the cloud...



Prove You Know a Secret Without Revealing That Secret to Me

MIRACL Trust® utilizes an ISO/IEC approved zero-knowledge technique, which means that no security-related information is stored on our servers or yours which means that there is nothing for a hacker to steal...



PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication

The European Banking Authority has included a mandate for “strong customer authentication” in its PSD2 requirements scheduled to take effect in November 2018.  MIRACL Trust® can help any financial services company comply quickly and easily ...


Zero Knowledge Makes Strong Customer Authentication Stronger 

MIRACL Trust® completely eliminates the risk of password database breaches and provides stronger security than any competitive software or hardware solution by using an ISO/IEC approved zero-knowledge proof, which means that a user can prove they know a secret without revealing that secret to the verifying party.


“Protecting the person online and giving them a good user experience of the services they are using is a key goal for us as a business. MIRACL is a pioneering company that helps us achieve that”.

Nick Mothershaw, UK&I Director of Identity and Fraud, Experian

How Experian use Zero Knowledge
  • Zero Knowledge Can Actually Mean Zero

    MIRACL's multi-factor authentication product uses a zero-knowledge proof, which means that nothing of value is ever stored or sent by any party.

    Zero knowledge stored means that nothing of value is stored on a business server or an end user’s digital device for verification.  User is still able to provide "possession" of identity.

    Zero knowledge sent means that nothing of value is sent across a mobile or web network to be verified by the service.  User is still able to demonstrate "knowledge" component of identity.

  • Zero Knowledge Means More Than Zero

    MIRACL Trust® multi-factor authentication solves more than your password problems. By using a zero-knowledge proof, we remove other security vulnerabilities caused by centralized credentials, including malware on mobile devices, phishing scams, and internal-user breaches. Whether you oversee internal users, regulated industries, or your company's Internet of things initiative, zero knowledge can help you secure the future of  your business.

  • Zero Knowledge Improves Your Customer Experience

    People and identities are at the center of our security solutions, which is why we make it simple to implement and use MIRACL Trust®. New user setup is streamlined by requiring new users to create only a 4 digit PIN (instead of a complex password), and by allowing them to create a new PIN without requesting resources from your support or IT teams.

    According to the most recent "Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report" 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords, which is bad for both your business and your customers. Let MIRACL remove the password pain point for you both while also removing your company's single largest cybersecurity risk (stored authentication credentials).

  • Zero Knowledge Requires Almost Zero Resources

    MIRACL Trust®  integrates easily into any web or mobile application through a simple code copy/paste process from our cloud-based service. Digital verified signatures provide an auditable trail for you, and transparent key rotation removes an additional hassle for your security administrators. Billing is as-incurred, and is based on active-users per month.

Zero Knowledge (and Where to Get It)

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Our authentication as a Service can help you meet the security needs of your existing enterprise customers quickly as MIRACL Trust® or as a white-labeled service from you.  

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Zero Knowledge For Partners

Find the information and resources your solutions and sales teams need to successfully meet a customer's cybersecurity needs with zero knowledge differentiation.

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Zero Knowledge Means a Single Security Platform That Scales

Whatever business you have, our zero knowledge based solutions can secure it. Our platform provides a single security solution for both current cyber challenges (such as passwords and malware, and your future initiatives (including the Internet of Things and the Enterprise Blockchain).

By replacing your outdated practices and infrastructure including passwords, root keys and stored credentials, we enable you to ensure the identity of any person, application, or thing that authenticates into your network, or any network.

Use zero knowledge to address your cybersecurity so you can get back to the business of your business.

Learn more about our current IoT Security beta, contact us to find out more.

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MIRACL Trust authentication works across networks for any business

Cryptographic Research

Founded by leading scholar in pairing-based elliptic curve cryptography, MIRACL's cryptographic library and zero knowledge proof (M-Pin) have secured nearly every type of digital relationship.

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Zero Knowledge Required (for Developers)

MIRACL Trust delivers strong, scalable security for any web or mobile application quickly with a simple code replacement. Our service secures any application through a simple process that begins on our aaS portal (

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NTT Software becomes Global Distribution Partner

MIRACL, a leading internet cyber-security company, announced today the launch of NTT Software as a Global Distribution Partner for its Zero-Factor Authentication security solution platform.



Dimension Data signs on as Global Distribution Partner

MIRACL's zero-factor authentication platform that allows security solution and managed service providers to expand their businesses in the $4.0 billion user authentication market.



Experian selects MIRACL for strong authentication

Global information services provider chooses MIRACL to deliver two-factor authentication for GOV.UK Verify scheme to offer strong authentication for millions of UK citizens.