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What is MIRACL Labs?

Dr. Mike Scott serves as the director of MIRACL Laboratories, a Dublin-based center of excellence whose mission is to promote innovation in the field of elliptic curve and pairing-based cryptography.

He also heads up all things crypto at MIRACL as our Chief Cryptographer. His MIRACL (Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library) cryptographic library is used in the defense, embedded, and mobile industries to build highly secure “number-theoretic cryptography” into their hardware, applications, and end user experiences.

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MIRACL Trust® ZFA Protocol, explained with cucumbers

Research and Reference

Articles from Dr Mike Scott

18 May 2017

Bad Medicine

It's interesting to compare progress in Computer Security with progress in Medicine ...

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25 Apr 2017

Conditioning the Blockchain

As described in my last posting on the 'Essence of the Blockchain', the block-chain is ...

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19 Apr 2017

In Praise of the Humble PIN, Authentication that works for the Web.

By which I mean the Personal Identification Number. Most days we use it in conjunction ...

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1 Nov 2016

A Note on the Implementation of Format Preserving Encryption Modes

The American National Institute for Standards in Technology (NIST) is considering ...

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25 Oct 2016

Ed3363 (HighFive) – An alternative Elliptic Curve

  We propose a new Elliptic curve at a security level significantly greater than the ...

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17 Oct 2016

Key-Escrow-less M-Pin

We have been tasked to harden the M-Pin protocol against a “key-escrow” attacker, who has ...

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10 Oct 2016

Using M-Pin with Geo-location/Geo-fencing

M-Pin is a Multi-Factor identity based authentication protocol. Secret authen-tication ...

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3 Oct 2016

Migrating SOK to a type-3 Pairing

The non-interactive authenticated key exchange protocol known as SOK after its inventors ...

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26 Sep 2016

M-Pin Full Technology (Version 3.1)

M-Pin is a two-factor authentication protocol which has been proposed as an alternative ...

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20 Sep 2016

Late Binding for the M-Pin protocol

The M-Pin protocol has been proposed for use in a setting which uses multiple Trusted ...

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13 Sep 2016

M-Pin: A Multi-Factor Zero Knowledge Authentication Protocol

Here we introduce the M-Pin client-server protocol, which features two-factor client ...

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5 Sep 2016

Electronic Voting

With the elections looming in America, the issue of the security of electronic voting is ...

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30 Aug 2016

The Essence of the Blockchain

Here we attempt a simple explanation of the blockchain for a not overly technical ...

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24 Aug 2016

The Apache Milagro Crypto Library (Version 2.0)

We introduce a multi-lingual crypto library, specifically designed to support the ...

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18 Aug 2016

A Poor Programmer’s Fix for Username/Password

You are a programmer that uses the Internet a lot. You don’t want to be one of those ...

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3 Aug 2016

The Authentication Dilemma

The Internet community is up in a heap about Username/Password, and what to replace it ...

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3 Aug 2016

The Carnac protocol – or how to read the contents of a sealed envelope

Johnny Carson as long time host of the Tonight show often appeared in the spoof role of ...

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3 Aug 2016

Another Computer Language Comparison

In this article we describe our experience in implementing a high performance ...

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26 May 2016

Missing a trick: Karatsuba variations

There are a variety of ways of applying the Karatsuba idea to multi-digit multiplication. ...

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22 Apr 2015

Re-imagining Internet Security Infrastructure

It’s time for a re-boot of the Internet’s security infrastructure. The last two years ...

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21 Feb 2015

Whatever it is, it needs security

The ubiquity of “things” is both a strength and a weakness when considering the potential ...

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2 Feb 2015

Crypto Security - How many bits?

Very recently we have seen some progress in the cryptanalysis of Elliptic curves. This ...

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20 Nov 2014

A Brief History of Authentication

Introduction We authenticate ourselves multiple times every day. Every time we open a ...

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3 Mar 2014

Security within the Financial Sector

Global Banking & Finance Review recently spoke with Brian Spector, CEO, MIRACL (formerly ...

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24 Oct 2013

Backdoors in NIST elliptic curves

Cryptography is a lot about trust. And in the real world cryptography depends on ...

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21 Aug 2013

2 step verification vs 2 factor authentication

Several super high profile smash and grab attacks on global scale cloud service providers ...

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