We believe there is a better way

to establish trust online

An inclusive, distributed trust paradigm can replace monolithic single points of failure and move the Web into the future. We all own the Internet, let's fix it together.

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MIRACL delivers trust for online identities and transactions across the distributed Internet

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Distributed Trust Authority

Key management API and trust paradigm for the distributed Internet. For platforms that need an alternative to bloated public key infrastructure and monolithic trust hierarchies.

M-Pin Core

For web and mobile app developers. M-Pin Server and client libraries will eliminate password breaches, improve your app UX and deliver secure multi-factor auth.


Agile two-factor authentication IdP with federation to enterprise apps over SAML, RADIUS, OIDC protocols. For enterprises deploying in the cloud or on-premise.


The MIRACL SDK software library in C is widely regarded by developers as the gold standard open source SDK for elliptic curve cryptography.

M-Pin In Mobile Apps

Embed M-Pin client authentication libraries into your iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps. Works with both M-Pin Core and M-Pin SSO server platforms.

MIRACL for the IoT

General purpose cryptographic libraries for developers creating IoT devices and apps that need security, performance and streamlined crypto code. Works across all MIRACL platforms.

Experian selects M-Pin to offer strong authentication for millions of UK citizens.

M-Pin. The single smartest way to sign in.

Authentication credentials are never stored. Keys never revealed. No more single point of compromise in your system.

Unique key

The Distributed Trust Authority nodes generate shares of cryptographic keys. Shares are distributed to endpoints and combined to create unique, identity based, cryptographic keys.

Double Secure / No Escrow

Only endpoints know what the complete keys are. Keys are secured in storage by splitting them into shares. User authentication keys are split between a device TOKEN and a user PIN.

Simple PIN

To authenticate, the M-Pin client software reassembles the user key from device TOKEN and their input PIN. Their key is used to digitally sign logins and transactions.

Introducing a modern, modular approach to building trust into cloud computing.

Goodbye PKI. Hello MIRACL

Security on the Internet is long overdue for a change. The problem is architectural and it needs to be addressed before more irreparable damage is done.


We believe that an inclusive, distributed trust paradigm can replace monolithic single points of failure and move the internet into the future. By transitioning away from the outdated and unscalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) towards a distributed trust paradigm between independent parties, we can both eliminate the single points of compromise that are responsible for the Internet's information security crisis while empowering individual organizations to free themselves from corporate entities who have neglected their responsibility to ensure trust on the web.



Over the last decade, pairings on elliptic curves have been a very active area of research in cryptography and applied to a range of settings in today’s computing environment. Pairing-based cryptography can provide real world solutions, right now, to the outstanding issues of cryptographic trust, data security, governance and compliance that create roadblocks to adoption of the Cloud by the industries that will most benefit from it. 


MIRACL’s pairing-based cryptographic platform for the Cloud addresses issues including key management, secure communications, and data governance / compliance that currently challenge Cloud providers and their customers in sectors such as finance, government, and healthcare.  


Announcing an open-source approach that will open opportunities for everyone.

Apache Milagro (incubating) is an initiative from MIRACL and NTTi3 that champions a distributed cryptosystem for Cloud Computing to create greater opportunity for all participants.  Apache Milagro will enable a distributed trust paradigm to replace commercial certificate authorities ushering in a new, more secure, post-PKI Internet.

We believe that more partners are better than a single, monolithic one.

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Security on the Internet is long overdue for a change. 

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