Get the MIRACL Crypto SDK for embedded, mobile & apps

MIRACL is the gold standard among cryptographic SDKs for easily implementing big number cryptography into your real world applications. MIRACL is compact, fast and efficient, which means you'll get blistering speed and high performance from any processor or platform.

What is MIRACL?

Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic Cryptographic Library – the MIRACL Crypto SDK – is a C software library that is widely regarded by developers as the gold standard open source SDK for elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).

Why is it different?

While many other cryptographic SDKs are focused on PC use, MIRACL also enables developers to build security into highly constrained environments, including embedded, mobile apps and SCADA.

MIRACL enables:

  • Reduced program code
  • Greatly simplified program development
  • Developer-designed APIs
  • Rapid implementation, using inline code wrappers, example programs and other innovations

These unique qualities are the reason MIRACL, and the solutions and services built using it, are in use in hundreds of organisations across the world, including BAE Systems, Hitachi, Intel, Panasonic, Toyota and many others.

Features and Benefits: why MIRACL is the right choice

MIRACL delivers a wide and unique range of benefits, enabling developers to secure even the most constrained environments quickly, easily and effectively. It features, amongst others:

  • An inline C++ wrapper – greatly simplifying program development
  • Over 25 example programs in C and C++, covering a wide range of applications, to give development a head start
  • Optimization of both embedded processors and RAM, to help developers overcome device and memory constraints
  • Compatibility with industry security technologies including AES encryption, RSA public key cryptography, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, DSA digital signature, and others
  • A set of tools that enable any new number-theoretic technique to be implemented quickly

MIRACL also supports a wide range of platforms, including (amongst others):


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