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MIRACL Trust® Works with Any Web or Mobile Application Through a Simple Code Replacement

MIRACL Trust® Supports Multiple Authentication Factors / Notification Channels You Currently Have in Place.

MIRACL Trust® easily integrates into any point of your web and mobile application security process, and can support the authentication mechanisms you have planned / in place (including biometrics) to provide a non-repudiable audit trail of the people, devices, and transactions being authenticated by your users or machines.

MIRACL Trust® for website login in-browser or with a smartphone application is designed to work at an internet scale; delivers multi-factor authentication to your external audiences with no disruption of the service; improves the user experience; and minimizes customer churn when deploying additional security, all at a fraction of the cost of the competition. After registering an app (standard, SSO or RADIUS) with the MIRACL Trust® MFA Authentication portal (trust.miracl.cloud) you will be issued the keys to integrate MIRACL authentication into your product.

MIRACL Trust® for mobile login can secure your end users into mobile applications with the same multi-factor authentication solution through our software development kits (SDKs) for Android or iOS.  SDKs also allow you to prevent installation of your authentication application onto a rooted mobile device and reduces risk from malware and “man-in-the-middle-attacks”.  After integrating MIRACL Trust® into your mobile application through our cloud-based portal (trust.miracl.cloud) your business can successfully onboard end users through the same identity verification and PIN creation process they would find in a web-enabled application.


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Authenticating with MIRACL Trust® MFA

User Journey 1: Web Authentication In-Browser

See a user registering and signing into a web application with MIRACL Trust® in just under 1 minute!

User Journey 2: Web Authentication with Mobile Application

See how MIRACL Trust® can also work on smart devices, here we show the process for signing into a desktop web application with a smart phone, perfect for when you are using shared computers or away from your trusted personal computer.


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