Zero Knowledge

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The value of Zero

Where Zero is Better for People Today


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Zero Knowledge Can Also be Good


Zero knowledge is a proof (or process) whereby someone can prove they know a secret without actually revealing that secret to anyone.psd2-prover-verifier.png



Zero Can Actually Mean Zero

Zero Knowledge Stored

Zero knowledge means that no verification information of value is stored in whole form on a business server or on an end user’s digital device.

Zero Knowledge Sent

Zero knowledge means that no verification information of value is sent in whole form across a mobile or web network.

Whatever business you have our zero knowledge based solutions can secure it. Our platform provides a single security solution for both current cyber challenges and your future initiatives (including the Internet of Things and the Enterprise Blockchain).

By replacing your outdated practices and infrastructure including passwords, root keys and stored credentials, we enable you to ensure the identity of any person, application, or thing that authenticates into your network, or any network.

Use zero knowledge to address your cybersecurity so you can get back to the business of your business.

Zero Knowledge and enterprise cybersecurity 

Zero Can Be Much More Than Zero

Zero Knowledge for Any Web or Mobile Application


MIRACL Trust® is a multi-factor authentication platform for web and mobile applications that uses a zero-knowledge proof, which means that nothing of value is stored on any server and nothing of value is sent over SMS or the Web in whole form.

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Zero Knowledge for a Single Security Platform

FAQ's on MIRACL and our authentication services

See our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to how zero knowledge can extend across the users, devices, clouds, and IoT components connected to your digital enterprise.

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Zero Knowledge for Better Customer Experiences

Learn more about how to get strong authentication for PSD2 compliance

Zero knowledge is ideal for addressing the European Banking Authority 's mandate for “strong customer authentication” in its PSD2 requirements scheduled to take effect in November 2018.

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zero knowledge required

Zero Knowledge is Simple to Obtain

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